Creative Works

This page lists recent work. For a full listing of publicly available at the Australian Music Centre where Raffaele is a fully represented composer.

** NEW ** Sales Catalogue (coming soon).


A Strange Kind of Paradise (2013)  – song cycle for 4 female voices and harp; premiered by Sirens at the Parade Theatre, NIDA, Kensington is to be released on Sirens’ Waves series.


Kingfisher – Songs for Halcyon is out now on Tall Poppies!  Featuring 21 newly composed works to celebrate 15 years of Halcyon including my work Turbulent Passions Calm (2014). 

World’s Greatest Treasurer Tango was performed by the Australia Ensemble in October. This piece is a new version of an earlier solo piano version. Ian Munro performed in the premiere of both versions.


Duormi Tranquillu – orchestral song setting a libretto by an anonymous author; written for the Ryde Hunters Hill Symphony Orchestra in their inaugural year

Madrigal Project (Companion of the Heart & Caro m’e’l sonno – 2 a cappella settings written and performed by the Song Company at the 2012 Coriole Festival


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