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I have signed with a new publisher SingScore for choral music. You can find my SingScore music here.

Don Juan

The original CD recording of the music from the Sydney Front’s groundbreaking performance Don Juan. Premiered at the original Performance Space on Sydney’s Cleveland Street. Recording features performances by Annette Tesoriero, Raffaele Marcellino and Greg White, produced and recorded by Greg White and Raffaele Marcellino.

Get your CD for (AUD)$10 + postage.


The tuba book with original tuba compositions and arrangements by Australian composers for solo tuba, with piano and tuba ensembles (the flagship 10 tuba arrangement of the Nabucco Chorus). Also included are symphonic etudes for key tuba excerpts and rudiments devised by virtuoso tubist Steve Rosse.

Get your book for (AUD)$20 + postage.

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