A Strange Kind of Paradise 2021 released by Halcyon on Waves III available on YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify.

Don Juan  Music for the Sydney Front Production in collaboration with Greg White and Annette Tesoriero 1992 CF-00192

Responsorio  Sydney Dreaming The Contemporary Singers conducted by Antony Walker 1995 ABC Classics ABC454 510-2

Whispers of Fauvel  Viva Sax! Margery Smith – saxophones 1998 Tall Poppies TP132

All Matter is Artifact  Ride Tasmanian Saxophone Quartet 1998 TSQ001

The Lottery in Babylon  House Songs: Music for the Seymour Group Anthology of Australian Music The Seymour Group Canberra School of Music 1999 CSM:31

World’s Greatest Tango  The Keating Tangos performed by Ian Munro and Catherine McCorkhill Opus House Press 1999 OHP010

Logos  landscape’s creatures Sydney Chamber Choir conducted by Nicholas Routley 2000 Tall Poppies TP160

Heart of Fire  Heart of Fire: music for the ABC broadcast of the 2000 Sydney Paralympics Sydney Alpha Ensemble and The Contemporary Singers conducted by David Stanhope 2000 ABC Classics ABC 465 948-2

All Matter is Artifact  Continuum, Continuum Sax 2001 CSAX01

A GG at the Geegees Rag, Men and Women of Australia Rag, Al Grassby Rag, Diamond Jim Rag  The Whitlam Rags Opus House Press 2003

The O Antiphons  Alpha & Omega, The Song Company 2007

Kingfisher – Songs for Halcyon  Tall Poppies 2015.

One response to “Recordings”

  1. Hi Rae, I was just recommending your O Antiphons to the Uni of Newcastle Choir. Do you have any audio files of the pieces they could listen to segments of? I have a CD but wondering how to give them an idea of what they can sound like.
    Hope you are well. Ruth McCall

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