Chamber Music

Scores are available form the Australian Music Centre

A Strange Kind of Paradise

Song cycle for 4 female voices and harp; premiered by Sirens at the Parade Theatre, NIDA, Kensington released now on Sirens’ Waves series.

Turbulent Passions Calm

Recording available on Kingfisher – Songs for Halcyon out now on Tall Poppies. 

World’s Greatest Treasurer Tango

Performed by the Australia Ensemble in October 2014. This piece is a new version of an earlier solo piano version. Ian Munro performed in the premiere of both.

The Lottery in Babylon

Written for the Seymour Group and premiered by them in 1995 at Paddington Town Hall. The performance was directed by Mark Summerbell | Recording is available on the Anthology of Australian Music Disc CSM:31.

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